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Passive House Certification

The Passive House Academy is accredited by the German Passivhaus Institut as a Passive House Certification body, and provides services to clients delivering a broad variety of projects across the world. Motivations to have projects Certified are varied but principally include unequivocal proof of achieving the most demanding energy efficiency standard on the planet, the unsurpassed learning experience for both designer and contractor and greater access to publicity on successfully reaching the standard.

The Certification Process

Engaging with the certification team at PHA in having a project certified is very much an iterative process from the initial design stage through to project completion. The project design, construction details, climate and site context are modeled in the latest version of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), the essential energy balancing tool required to plan Passive House projects. Performance certificates for key elements of the project must be submitted by the Client, along with photographic evidence of construction details and on-site independent test results for such aspects as airtightness and balancing of ventilation equipment.

Cost Optimal Projects

The PHA team actively engages with the building owner and designer to ensure a cost-optimal design for their Passive House project. There are widely varied means of achieving the Passive House goal and elements such as thermal bridge detailing, window design and arrangement, airtightness strategy and ventilation layout can have a significant bearing on overall project costs. We work closely with our Clients in achieving the most cost effective Passive House projects without compromising on aesthetics or design integrity.

PHA Certification Experience

Our building certification service is greatly informed by our considerable experience in working on Passive House projects, including the first ever certified project in the English-speaking world (the home of PHA Co-Founder Tomás O’Leary), the first Certified house in China, the first retrofitted project in the US and the first project in New Zealand. We are fortunate to work with some of the leading innovators in the Passive House community which ensures that our in-house team is informed in terms of the latest know-how. We also take pride in our close relationship with the expert team of building science specialists at the Passivhaus Institut in Germany who provide superb technical support.

International Recognition

All Certified projects are awarded the highly-coveted glass plaque to be mounted on the building façade as proof-positive of having achieved the Passive House standard. PHA also ensures that their projects are listed in the international database of Certified Passive House projects.