We're Gonna Have to Science the S**t Out of This

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'We're Gonna Have to Science the S**t Out of this'

Reflections on the 20th International Passive House Conference, April 2016

In Frankfurt airport after my annual transfusion. Feeling refreshed and invigorated with high-octane creativity flowing through my veins again.

I’ve just been to the world’s top energy efficiency ‘clinic’ in Germany, where the Passive House Institute celebrated its 20th annual International Conference. Forty five countries and over 1,000 delegates descended in Darmstadt to soak-up the magic-bullet formula for global warming that is ‘Passive House’.

I take my hat off to the incredible team at Passive House Institute that cracked the code two decades ago.  The scientific papers, celebrated case studies and showcased products never cease to impress.


The Martian photo

 Image from 'The Martian', Directed by Ridley Scott


Highlights for me include the following: