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Have you noticed how many movies and TV series there are about vampires these days? My kids are hooked on these modern-day uber-good-looking blood suckers parading about the place. Little do they know that their very own dad is a vampire slayer himself!
We all have vampires in our homes, blood sucking parasites that drain away your energy day-in day-out. I went on the rampage recently to seek them out, and got quite a fright when I saw at first hand the extent of the damage. I was greatly helped by a clever little device which I’ve nicknamed the “Vamperator”. They cost very little, are easy to use and give you instant results.

In the dead of night, when all others are asleep, I went around the house with my Vamperator.
At first I checked the microwave, draining a constant 7 Watts per hour whilst on standby mode. Mmm, that’s not much I pondered. It’s just 60 kWh per year, or about €12 Euro.
Having clicked-off the offending machine at the switch, I crept over to a very innocent looking IPod charger. 9 Watts an hour this little blood-sucker was sucking. Our washing machine, another 9 Watts, TV satellite TV box, 11 Watts, aging laptop 16 Watts, very innocuous bedside lamp 6 Watts.
In all 15 vampires were unearthed in one session, draining over 1,000 kWh per year whilst not being used. Assuming they are indeed used for say 25% of the year on average, that’s still an unnecessary loss of 750 kWh per year, or €150.
Now we’re talking significant savings.  
In the future all homes will have two types of electrical sockets, one set designed to be left on permanently (for your freezer and the likes), with the other set operated by one ‘master switch’ located at your front door, which is set to zero whenever you leave or hit the hay. Just like hotel rooms when you pull out your key card everything switches off.
I’m referred to as the ‘clicker’ in my house. The last thing Mairead hears at night before I climb the stairs is the click-click-clicking of the mains switches on all the energy guzzlers.
Take that, sucker!
Try it out for yourself, save money as well as the planet whilst you sleep.

blogImg vamperatorMy “Vamperator”. Plug this device into a socket and then plug your household equipment (microwave, kettle, whatever...) and see how much energy it uses. Google ‘wattage meter’ on the web to find one.

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