Our projects


The EuroPHit project aims to significantly increase the quality and energy efficiency of step-by-step refurbishments by developing a comprehensive and integrated methodology, implementing uniform quality assurance of both design and construction, encouraging implementation by key actors and fostering knowledge dissemination through new and existing project networks. The EuroPHit project involves 14 teams from across Europe and beyond is co-funded within the European Commission's Intelligent Energy Europe programme (IEE).


The objective of this research project is the Development and Introduction of the Communal Zero CO2e Emission Certification System as a Tool for Sustainable Communities and Regions. The project is funded through INTERREG IV B Program, and involves 11 research partners from across northwestern Europe. The PHA team is one of Eight ZECOS communities that have started the journey towards Zero CO2eEmissions by identifying full local energy efficiency and renewable energy potentials, setting them up into management plans and implementing local emission reducing projects.

US Army Thermal Bridge Detailing

This project was commissioned by the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory and focuses on the identification of critical thermal bridges in the Army building stock and the development of solutions to mitigate adverse impacts in both new-build and retrofit scenarios. The project also involves Building Science Corporation and Morrison Hershfield.  

A copy of the full report from this project will issue soon.