Certified Passive House Primer Course

This one day program will give attendees an in-depth insight into how Passive House bridges the performance gap focusing on the five key elements of insulation, airtightness, thermal bridging, windows and mechanical services.

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Target Participants:

This course is aimed at anyone interested in high performance buildings, including architects, designers and consultants as well as contractors, product suppliers, educators and researchers.


6.5 hours of classroom training, from 9am to 5pm.


Combination of presentations, exercise, debate and pro-demo in the application of airtightness and window technologies.


In-House Passive House Expert.

Class Size: 

Class size is typically 10 to 20 persons.


This programme is accredited by the American Institute of Architects and is worth 6.5 Learning Units

 Learning Objectives:

  • Define the Passive House Standard and explain Space Heating and Cooling Demand, as well as Heating and Cooling Load;
  • Summarize key features of a range of built case study projects, including domestic and large scale commercial;
  • Overview of key construction elements including insulation, airtightness, thermal bridging, windows, energy recovery ventilation;
  • Complete a variety of hands-on classroom exercises in energy balance calculations;
  • Appreciate practical construction issues based on a 'pro-demo' by practitioners involved in airtightness and high performance window installations;
  • Understand the practicalities and benefits of using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP); and
  • Appreciate key issues involved in designing projects to the Passive House standard.

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Certified Passive House Primer Course

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New York, December 2014

Event date - December 10th 2014


Course Fee:

$95 per person

This includes:

  • Tutor notes sent via e-mail
  • AIA Accreditation as well as a coffee break.

Lunch can be availed by Participants in nearby eateries.


AEA Main Office
505 Eighth Avenue Suite 1000
New York
New York, 10018
United States
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In-House Passive House Expert.


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