How Well Do You Know Part L?

​Introductory Offer:  Course Fee only €195

We've digested the regulations and present them in 10 easy to follow online interactive modules with lots of practical examples, exercises and must-know facts. Take the course from the luxury of your own home or in your office. Once registered you can take it at a nice relaxed pace or blitz through it, you have a total of 60 days to complete the course. The course is worth 20 hours structured CPD which is recognised by the RIAI. 

What you will cover are the following modules:

  • Module 1 - Part L and Environmental Protection
  • Module 2 - Building Fabric Heat Loss
  • Module 3 - Building Airtightness
  • Module 4 - Building Services
  • Module 5 - Renewable Energy
  • Module 6 - BER and DEAP
  • Module 7 - EPC and CPC Building Compliance Case Studies
  • Module 8 - Construction Quality and Commissioning
  • Module 9 - Refurbishment of Existing Buildings
  • Module 10 - Alternative Construction Performance Standards