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tomas olearyTomás O’Leary
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Designed, built and lives in the first Certified Passive House in the English speaking world. An enthusiastic and passionate advocate for all things Passive House, a jovial and motivational educator and presenter, experienced research scientist and environmental entrepreneur. Globally accredited by the Passivhaus Institut as a Certifier of Passive House buildings and licensed training provider for the Passive House Consultant and Tradesperson programs. 

B.Agr.Sc.(Land. Hort.) 1992, M.Sc.Agr.E.R.M 1994, Certified Passive House Building Certifier 2008, Certified Passive House Trainer 2009, Certified Passive House Exam Host 2009, Train the Trainer (2013)

Life outside of Passive House?
Green-fingered gardener, cider making prankster and devoted family man who enjoys nothing more than chilling with family and friends.

Art McCormackArt McCormack
Co-Founder, Senior Architect & Director

Developer of the world’s first Certified Passive House Tradesperson Training program and designer of the first dedicated contractor training labs in both Europe and the US. Highly experienced and ardent hands-on trainer operating on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing 30 years of architectural design and real-life construction detailing expertise to the classroom. Architect of several Passive House projects, both new-build and retrofit, and task co-leader on international research projects.

B.Arch.; MRIAI; M.Sc. Agric. (in Landscape Horticulture); MILI; M.Sc. U. D. (Urban Design); CPHT: BE; CPHT: BS

Life outside of Passive House?
Connoisseur of the finer things in life, keeping fit and trim, broadening horizons and getting under the skin on pretty much any topic under the sun.

Certification & PHPP

Alan Carr Image

Alan Carr
Building Analyst and Certification Technologist

Alan has over 25 years construction experience specialising in building Retrofit. Highly experienced building analyst and Passive House Certification Technologist proficient in steady state and dynamic simulation, thermal bridge analysis, PHPP, condensation risk analysis, surface temperature calculation, WUFI, DEAP, AutoCAD 2d/3d, BIM and Sketchup.


Currently completing a Master’s Degree in Energy Retrofit, Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Analysis Energy Retrofit, Diploma Architectural Technology, Batchelor of Science in Construction Management, Building Energy Rating Assessor, Air Tightness tester.

Life outside of Passive House?

Alan is a devoted family man that enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family. He is kept busy in his spare time as secretary of the Stephen Gately Trust Charity which provides defibrillators to schools and sports clubs across Ireland. He is also a board member of the Irish Heart Foundation Council on Sudden Cardiac Death. Alan’s devotions also extend to soccer, he is a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter “you’ll never walk alone”.


Michael McCarthyMichael McCarthy
Training Team Manager

An engineer by profession and regarded as ‘the numbers guy’ in PHA. Unflinching in dealing with complex conundrums, a methodical problem solver and fountain of knowledge on both envelope and mechanical systems. Enviable ability to seamlessly jump from teaching novices, through contractors, designers to building scientists. A firm grip of international standards as they relate to energy efficiency with particular expertise in airtightness and blower door testing.

B.Arch. (MOA); Post Grad Advanced Environ. & Energy Studies; M.Sc. Urb. & Build. Conservation; CPH Designer

Life outside of Passive House?
Player of the beautiful game that is soccer, newly-wed nest builder and doting daddy and urbanite who enjoys the buzz of life in the city.

Cramer SilkCramer Silkworth

An engineer and consultant providing enclosure and HVAC system design for single family and small-scale multifamily homes, both new construction and renovation in the New York City Area. Emphasis on matching the mechanical systems to an optimized enclosure (using PHPP, of course!), with on-site verification with blower door testing and IR thermographic inspection.

BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York State licensed Professional Engineer, and CPHC. Teaches environmental design at the Rhode Island School of Design, co-teaches at The City College of New York, and teaching assistant at Parsons The New School in NYC.

Life outside passive house
Building furniture, bicycles, and everything in between.


John Mitchell-HeadshotJohn Mitchell


An architectural designer, carpenter, and trainer with particular interest in domestic-scale projects.  Co-founder and partner in Brooklyn, NY-based bldgtyp.  Passionate advocate of energy efficient building strategies as an essential component of successful design.  

BA, The Colorado College; M.Arch, Parsons the New School for Design; CPHC

Life Outside of Passive House?
Cook for family and friends alike, carpenter, singer of nonsensical songs (mostly for the benefit of his wife and four year old)

Technology & architecture

marianaMariana Moreira
Certification Technologist & Architect

Highly motivated and expert energy modeler of Passive House projects informed by qualifications in both Architecture and Architectural Conservation. Centrally involved in all aspects of Passive House Certification, including thermal bridge analysis, PHPP data entry, SketchUp modeling and getting to grips with building information modeling (BIM). Avid learner of new-things, with a fertile mind that combines creative design and pragmatic detailing, both essential elements in Passive House land.

B.Arch. (MRIAI); Post Grad Advanced Environ. & Energy Studies; M.Sc. Urb. & Build. Conservation; CPH Designer

Life outside of Passive House?
Lover of all things Portuguese, driver of the luminous ‘green bug’, office fashionista and devoted mum of the cutest kids ever.

Ed MayEd May

A builder, teacher and Architect by training before Co-Founding the Brooklyn, NY Design-Build firm BLDGtyp. As well as a practitioner, is a professor at The Newschool in New York City and Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. An expert in both energy modeling and construction detailing of high-performance building envelopes. Designer and builder of several High-Performance homes in the US. Just as comfortable working with a hammer as a spreadsheet.

BFA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2001), M.Arch, Parsons the New School for Design, New York (2009). CPH Consultant.

Life Outside of Passive House?
Enjoyer of all the things New York City has to offer.


Jill noctorJill Noctor
Architectural Technologist

The person in PHA that makes sure that the thermal bridge junctions, air-tight connections and window fitting details can be transferred from computer model to construction site. A pillar of pragmatics and common sense, with extensive construction experience and a no-nonsense manner in dealing with contractors and trades. Experienced and analytical appraiser of products and materials and highly competent coordinator of Passive House design team members.

Dip. Arch. Tech.; CPHD

Life outside of Passive House?
Any kind of fitness program that involve gaggles of ladies, always the last person off the dance floor and a killer on the ski slopes.


Raquel Saavedra
Graduate Certification Architect

raquel saavedraRaquel operates mostly in the Passive House certification department preparing construction details for new-build and retrofit projects. She is the Speedy-Gonzales of construction detailing and 3D animation and can turn her hand to pretty much anything that lands on her desk. Her detailing and animation work is used in PHA training courses to convey how high performance junctions can be achieved in practice.  

Architect (E.T.S.A.C. 2013), currently completing a Masters Degree in Sustainable Building Technologies (E.U.A.T.)

Life Outside of Passive House
Enjoying life with friends and family, wilderness hiking, arts & crafts and dancing. Never stop moving!


What our trainees say

What our trainees say...

speech marks

I'd been a CPHC for years, and sat through more consultant-training classes than most (and taught parts of a couple), when I took the Passive House Academy's series. They had a lot to teach me. Whether you are new to Passive House, or already experienced and hungry for more, I expect you will get a lot from this course. PH educational offerings have expanded since I first became involved, speech marksand I am sure there are many great teachers out there, but Tomas is the best I have encountered.
Hayden Robinson Zertifizierte Passivhausdesigner

speech marks I would like to express our sincere gratitude, again, to both you and Michael for the most intense and amazing course we have taken since working in the profession.  You guys did a fantastic job of conveying the material to us in the speech marksmost efficient, clear, and enjoyable manner possible.
In Cho, ChoShields Studio

speech marks Thanks for a really interesting and challenging class.  It's made me remember how much I enjoy being a student.  The architects in study group were commenting on speech markshow this type of information is not covered at all in architecture school except possibly as an elective.
Betsy Humes

speech marks

I wanted to thank you again for bringing enthusiasm, encouragement and instruction loaded with accessible lines of reasoning peppered with memorable turns of phrase that were not just entertaining but integral to learning. I have received great feedback about the class so far; everybody is looking forward to the next session.
I wanted to ask a PHA if they/you might be in a position to support phME through a sponsorship or corporate membership.  I have attached a letter about sponsorship and our membership levels are on the website.  As you know these passive house organization are often run on a shoe string, predominantly with a volunteer staff promoting systems, products and practioners of passive house.  In addition, if you feel inspired to write a few words of endorsement of passivhausMAINE it would be wonderful to use them in our promotion.
Thank you, Tomasspeech marks
Naomi Beal, Director, passivhausMAINE


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