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We at the Passive House Academy have been leading the way in Passive House (Passivhaus) training, development, certification and consultancy for over 15 years.


Training & Events

PHA is proud to be one of the leading training providers globally in Passive House (Passivhaus), offering a wide range of internationally accredited Passive House Courses on both sides of the Atlantic. Our team of highly experienced educators has been delivering informed and stimulating training since 2002 to audiences around the world who want to get to grips with the most challenging of energy efficiency standards. PHA has trained over 800 graduates of the Certified Passive House Designer, Certified Passive House Tradesperson and PHPP trainings, graduates who are now providing design, consulting and contracting services on leading high performance projects.


Building Certification

The Passive House Academy is accredited by the German Passivhaus Institut as a Passive House Certification body, and provides services to clients delivering a broad variety of projects across the world. Motivations to have projects Certified are varied but principally include unequivocal proof of achieving the most demanding energy efficiency standard on the planet, the unsurpassed learning experience for both designer and contractor and greater access to publicity on successfully reaching the standard.


Research & Consulting

PHA provides a range of consulting services to private, corporate and Government Clients who are seeking to achieve Passive House (Passivhaus) status for their projects or products. Whether you need assistance in construction detailing, improvement in your building stock, Passive House educational resources or entrepreneurial development, PHA can provide a Passive House Consultant.


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Passive House Academy News

Keep up to date with the latest news from us here at the Passive House Academy, as well as the most important and up to date news from the Passive House community.

Passive House: A Climate Responsive Building Standard

Discussions abound in the US, including commentary that the Passive House standard needs to be more responsive to the demands of local climate in relation to cooling and heating.
What many people might not be aware of, however, is that the international Passive House standard does indeed adapt to local challenges based on the loads for heating, sensible cooling and latent cooling. Don’t be mistaken, therefore, that Passive House is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


Passive House Takes off in China

As Passive House spreads across the world, China has not been found wanting and has stepped up to the plate by completing several impressive projects in the past couple of years, including mixed used buildings, a hotel and a very sculptural Expo building in Shanghai.


Supports for Passive House on the Rise in the US

There are quite a few financial incentives, policies and strategies emerging across the country which specifically encourage Passive House. Most of these have been announced in just the past few months and provide an indication that Passive House is gaining significant traction. We are pleased to summarise key initiatives below – if you are aware of others, please do let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Many of the measures listed below that promote and encourage the Passive House standard were inspired by the great effort of members of the North American Passive House Network (include hyperlink) across the US.


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How do you model multiple floor types in the Passive House Planning Package?

The energy balance of a building is greatly affected by heat loss through the floor. This heat loss will vary significantly depending on the surrounding ground conditions. This top tip will show you how to deal with this very common design challenge.


Meet the team


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Our Directors

Two of the most experienced consultants, designers & trainers in the industry. Tomás and Art co-founded the Passive House Academy, making it one of the leading lights in the Passice House community.

Michael imgBob_BOOMOur Training & Certification Management team

With our independent management of every element of Passive House, PHA can boast a team of highly trained and dedicated individuals to assist our clients in all areas of construction, certification and training.

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